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Do You Have a Dream?


“Hire the person best suited to the job, not the most talented. This can be a very painful lesson. There’s no point putting in a Boeing jet engine when you need to run a tractor.” – Jack Ma

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How to Write a Good CV?

CV is critical before you have a chance to see your prospect employer for the dream job you are eager to apply. Think in the shoes of the Hiring Managers, why should they see you and not others? The answer you have in your mind definitely leads you to a conclusion: you can’t have a generic cv for all types of jobs. Preparing a good cv for your dream job is an investment, which will give you returns. The following are useful write-up for preparing a good cv:


  1. Writing a Good CV
  2. 10 Golden Rules


Top 9 Qualities Employers Are Looking

Once your cv has successfully secured the opportunities for you to meet the Hiring Managers, you have to think again. Do you know what are the key qualities the hiring managers looking for? There’s one crucial piece of the puzzle that you shouldn’t overlook: have you developed the right quality for the job? If yes, how should you demonstrate in the interview? If you have not achieved, how should you convince the Hiring Managers that you are ready to develop and you are able to attain it in six months?

The following are professional attributes that employers most commonly seek in prospective employees:

  1. The ability to multitask. Are you able to execute your tasks in parallel?
  2. The ability to prioritize. Are you able to differentiate the importance and the impacts or consequences?
  3. Detail-oriented. Do you like to drill down to details? Are you able to identify the impacts of the fields appear on your computer system?
  4. Reliable. Once you have proven track records, your credibility is your key assets.
  5. Problem-solving skills. Do you enjoy to develop solutions and see better performances?
  6. Efficient. Have you constantly thought of methods to speed up your tasks without sacrificing the quality?
  7. Self-motivation. When you face challenges or fail to deliver, would you create positive energy and move on?
  8. Interpersonal and skills. Have you mastered the lingua franca widely used by your customers, suppliers and colleagues?
  9. Team player. Would you mind helping others in order to complete the mission?