Our Services

Managed Services

Techsap ASP Sdn Bhd has a long history of delivering IT and Global Business Services projects for various multinational share services centres and regional IT hubs in Malaysia.


We are well-versed in the stagegates of IT managed services particularly in the areas of LAN, WAN, Telephony, Data Communication and Network Security.

With a number of qualified Project Managers, Designers, Service Managers and Certified Engineers, we manage the Life Cycle Management and Delivery Services of cross-border IT projects for our clients from Malaysia. In addition, more and more multinational companies continue to engage our services to meet the emerging needs of projects, additional workloads, and etc. Our commitment for business successes enables many of the world’s best known MNC to deploy their projects and share service centres effectively and in schedule.


Contingent Workforce

We have a pool of Contingent Workforce, whom we mobilise to support our key customers in the field of Global Business Services.


Malaysia has been a preferred and cost advantageous location for MNC to set up its shared services and business centres. Techsap has been the key supplier for several global companies as the one-stop centre for the end-to-end solutions of setting the up the competence centres. We mobilise the resources and in some cases support our customers in the recruitment of talents for the kick-start of the operations. For over two decades, we have seen the successes of MNC in setting up their regional IT competence centre in Malaysia and we are proud to be involved in the global deliveries of the services to their end users.


Talent Acquisitions

As we operate as a one-stop centre, we also provide services to global companies who require to hire locals for the initial setup of their shared services centres and IT hubs. To fulfill to the local statutory requirements, we have incorporated a legal entity Agensi Pekerjaan Techsap Sdn Bhd and applied for the license in order to ensure full compliances.